Love Somebody (CD)


Ships on: June 26, 2024

Love Somebody is the thirtieth studio album from American country music singer Reba McEntire. It was released on April 14, 2015. This is McEntire's first studio album since the 2010 release of All the Women I Am. "Going Out Like That" was released as the album's first single on January 6, 2015, and it has charted within the top 30 of Country Airplay. McEntire produced the album with Tony Brown, James Stroud, and Doug Sisemore.

1. Going Out Like That 
2. Enough (featuring Jennifer Nettles) 
3. She Got Drunk Last Night 
4. Livin’ Ain’t Killed Me Yet 
5. That’s When I Knew 
6. I’ll Go On 
7. Until They Don’t Love You 
8. Promise Me Love 
9. Just Like Them Horses 
10. Love Somebody 
11. Love Land 
12. Pray For Peace

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